Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome to the World, Daniel Patrick!

It has been a little over three weeks, so I thought I would finally post the little man's birth story! :)

On Wednesday, July 7th, we arrived at the hospital at around 9:00. We checked in, I got changed and hooked up to the IV and the monitors- it was always a relief to hear the baby's heart beating away. R and I just kind of hung out and watched a little TV and it was such a weird feeling as we both knew these were our last moments together as just the two of us and it was my last few moments of having my little guy all to myself - without having to share him with the world. As rough as my pregnancy was, and as happy as I was to meet my man, it was very bittersweet.
The anesthesiologist came in to explain the spinal block they would give me, and how it would affect me, etc. Around 10:30, my doctor came in to see me. Rick changed into his scrubs and we were getting ready to go!
They wheeled me into the OR- I have had surgery plenty of times, but for some reason, this seemed so completely overwhelming. They set me up and gave me the spinal block- it pinched going in, but was not really a very big deal. Then, of course, just one last time... I puked! It actually made me laugh... I seriously was sick right up to the bitter end!
I felt myself start to go numb, that was actually a bit surreal. They then allowed R in and he came and sat by me and held my hand. I knew the procedure started as I could feel pressure and tugging, but I felt no pain. That was also a bit wild.
Finally I heard my doctor say, " I see an ear!" and then I heard the most beautiful sound ... my sweet boy's cries. They held him up for me to see and R and I both just started to cry. Then, every single person in the room commented on how big my boy was... it was hysterical! R went over with them as they weighed and cleaned the baby and I must have asked him a million times if the baby was okay. And he was... he is absolutely perfect.

At exactly 11:19 am on Wednesday, July 7th, 9lbs and 8 ounces of joy forever changed the way I will look at this world. I am a mother, R is a father. We are a family of three. I have all I've waited for, and I could not ask for more.


Karen said...

congratulations.....I have so been waiting for an update! He is just beautuful.I true gift from God!Blrssings and happiness!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and and welcome Daniel!

MJ said...

I am so happy for you!!

Hopeful34 said...

Congrats Kelly!! He is beautiful. I hope you are feeling better and i hope he has stopped crying so much so that you can enjoy him more. Congrats Congrats Congrats momma!

曹初帆張武茜 said...

Learning makes life sweet.

Tina said...

We've been wondering about you. Did you notice that the post time is 11:19 pm? I thought that was kind of cool. He's adorable and I hope you are doign well.