Tuesday, April 6, 2010

28 weeks!

Woo-hoo! 28 weeks! :)
I actually had an OB appointment today. First, the good news: we heard the little guy's heartbeat- which is always awesome! :) I have put on some weight, so that is good news as well!

Now, for the not so great: We got the results from our 1 hour glucose test and it turns out my sugar is actually low. Additionally, my iron and vitamin D are really low. This explains why I am completely EXHAUSTED. My Dr. said unfortunately, that is only going to get worse as the baby is going to keep taking from me. Ideally, I would need to take iron pills, but given my situation, we all know there is no way I am going to keep those down. :( I will try to experiment with some foods this weekend to see if there is anyway I can supplement.
I know this is not the worst news, but I just feel sad that I can't eat the way my body and baby need me to. I just want us both to be healthy!

Obviously, I have included a pic... I am happy that I am starting to get big! I even had a stranger comment on it today! :)


theworms said...

You are doing a great job cooking your little guy. Your pregnancy has been rough cutie :( I wish it wasn't but it's a yakfest.

I hope you find some new foods that stay down and just remember you are doing the best you can with all the crappy vomiting.


I love the bump :)

leira said...

Seriously the cutest bump i've seen! i am so happy for you.

Island Gal said...


albjag said...

Cute bump! Congratulations on entering your 3rd trimester! Don't feel bad- you're doing the best you can with all you've been through.
Try a spinach smoothie- sounds gross but you can't taste the spinach. I just add a handful to my smoothies (berries, yogurt, spinach, bananas, milk)