Sunday, April 11, 2010

The nursery- kinda! ;)

Well... we've made some progress! The nursery is officially cleaned out! (save for the box with the stroller and some other small items!) We have spent WEEKS trying to get this house in shape and really purge all of the stuff we do not need. R and I both came to this marriage each having had out own places and we really never properly purged before combining. Well, we've taken care of that! We are having a huge multi-family yard sale in 2 weeks, so hopefully not only will our house be less cluttered, we will have some extra spending money! Yeah, right, I am starting to realize with a baby on the way, there is no such thing as extra money!

So, for the nursery. The first pic is not a great one, I'll have to take another in the daylight as my purpose in this pic was to capture the color. It is a blue ( obviously), but not a baby blue, which I really liked. It is called spa... maybe that color alone will help the baby sleep through the night? ;)

The second pic is of the valance that matches our bedding. It is just kind of "stuck up there" at the moment; I just wanted to see how it looked with the paint. I love the pattern... the trains and the animals are so cute! R painted the crown molding, so that is set to go up next weekend. Our furniture is going to be delivered on Tuesday, so it is finally starting to come together. My shower is next weekend, and we really wanted to have the room almost done so we could at least put things away as we get them.

I am pretty excited! Still seems a bit surreal at times. And there is a huge part of me that hopes that we are not jinxing ourselves by finishing the nursery. But, you can't live in fear, right?


Alison said...

Awww...yay! Very cute! You do not want to come home to an unfinished nursery, so it's ok to finish it wheneveryou finish it. :) Have a great time at your shower next week!


jeanna said...

awwwweee it looks so cute!

Tara (psychmusetls) said...

Very cute :) It seems like things are coming together! I am so very excited for you <3

leira said...

it looks great! i think that train pattern is so cute.

Leslie W said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...
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