Monday, May 25, 2009

Trisomy 22

We got the results of the pathology report from my D&C about a week and a half ago, but I have not blogged about it at all.  My second little bean, Baby B, had Trisomy 22.  

I think I have not written about this as I am not sure how I feel.  On one hand, I am happy, I suppose, to have an answer, but on the other hand, it saddens and scares me.

In the little research I have done, this seems to be a common cause of first trimester miscarriages, and I know this does not mean that we are doomed, but I have this nagging feeling that we are going to find some larger issues when we have our karyotyping done.  Understand, this is based on nothing scientific, but my gut, it is usually right.  My RE thinks bad luck... the gut is saying otherwise.  

So for now, the holding pattern continues.  I have to go back AGAIN this week as my beta is not at zero yet.  It was close on Friday, it was at 14.  

I keep feeling like I am getting AF.  I'll get spotting and cramps and then nothing.  I wonder how long this is going to go on for.

So, we have an answer.  I just wish I could get an answer to the larger question swirling around in my mind... the one I try so very hard not to ask.... Why me?


Bluebird said...

Ah. Difficult information to digest, indeed. I hope your gut is wrong:), but I understand those are difficult feelings to live with. I'm just so sorry.

MJ said...

((HUGS)) I hope your gut is wrong, but we know all too well that we are often right about these things. Hang in there and know there are so many people rooting for you.

It's OK to ask "why me?"

Kristen said...

Sending you positive vibes that your beta is zero tomorrow. I'm sorry you are dealing with this information, and I too hope your gut is really wrong!!!!

alison said...

My path report was Trimsomy 16- also very common random abnormality. Our karyotyping both came back normal and i was also convinced that something was going to be wrong. I'm sure you guys will be fine too.