Monday, June 15, 2009

WTF... AF is MIA.

    This is a whiney, whiney, post.   Turn away if you must.

I am so damn crampy.  I had the mother of all cramps driving to work today... I thought for sure  when I got there, I would have AF!   NOPE!

I am just tired of feeling like crap.  I hate this and I feel like I have been banned to the eternal damnation of PMS.

Dramatic, yes.

Do I care,  Nope.

I am getting pissier as the days go by.

Can't a girl catch a break?


kim said...


Anonymous said...

mhhh when was AF due?? You never know!

Our Story said...

YOu girls are terrible!;)

Fran... I'm not sure... I have not really had one since my D&C May 1st.

Christina said...

Oh, I'd definitely POAS. Just in case!!!