Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My SIL's baby shower is Sunday.  Ugh.
I have not really seen any of the older aunts and such since Brother and SIL's wedding in August. (yes, they got KU the first month trying)

I wonder how many of these I will hear:

"So... they just got married... when are you and R having kids?"

"Wow... we have been waiting for your announcement"

"Are you pregnant yet?"

If they ask the last one... I might have to throw down, seeing as I have been dieting my ass off. 

Well, at least I did not really like anything on their registry.  

I am so going to HELL.

Shoot me now, please.


kim said...

You know my solution to this. Alcohol.

But seriously, I hope you aren't asked all that stuff a hundred times. I hope people mind their own business. And if they don't, maybe the answer is, "It doesn't always happen so quickly for everyone."

Anonymous said...

Oh dear... i would definitely be quite blunt...but kim's suggestion is perfect, a polite answer that says it all. Thinking of you.

K8e said...

UGH! And it always makes it worse when they got KU right away! I hope that you have an easy time and people leave you alone! GL! I totally feel for you! I HATE those comments!Be ready with some answers and bounce them off always makes me feel better to have a comeback in my head before I go to these thing! Let us know how it goes!

Rebekah said...

We were told many times that "We thought you'd be first!" & "Doesn't this make you want one?" when my BIL and his wife got KU a couple of months into marriage. It was awesome.

I hope the shower wasn't too bad for you!! ((hugs))