Friday, February 6, 2009


12.  That would be the level of my FSH on CD3.  WTF?  I am 35 freakin years old.  My body thinks it is 45. 

I don't even want to do this IVF.  Why bother?  To suffer through another negative?

I give up.


theworms said...

Oh Smilee, I know it is hard to keep moving forward, but we all got your back and are pulling for you.


stacey said...

I'm holding out hope for you. Let's just wait and see what RE says on Monday. Hang in there.

Bluebird said...

I'm so sorry honey; that had to be heartbreaking to hear. It doesn't make sense when our bodies don't do what it seems they were made to do. Try to hang on to a bit of hope until you talk to the doctor. We'll be thinking of you.

MJ said...

I am sorry, I totally know how you feel. I ask WTF about my body all the time. Praying for you.


kim said...

I am hoping that number is just a fluke. Something seems off. I can't wait to hear what your doctor says.

Keep your head up! This is NOT over.