Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sigh of relief; pang of anxiety, and a little perspective.

     I slept like a baby Friday night because I was finally able tell my principal about my upcoming IVF cycle.  He was great, it was fine, and now it is over.  I am just so happy that I no longer have to worry about people seeing me come in late or taking time off, etc.  Huge sigh of relief. 

     Now, if my body would be as cooperative as my principal, we would be all good.  I did not keep track of my cycle per say, so I don't know when I o'd, but I am usually a 28 day girl, and AF is no where in sight.  I called on Friday and made my CD3 appointment for tomorrow; I was certain that AF would show over the weekend.  NOPE.   Now, what is giving me anxiety is that Wed-Friday of this week, I absolutely cannot be late to school ( first RE appointment is 8:00- school starts at 7:45).  Wed. I am at a training and Thurs. and Fri.  I am training people at work about what I learned about on Wed.  So, nothing can happen if I am not there. Oh, and we are supposed to get a huge- ass snow storm here in on Tuesday, so that might make things a bit tricky.  Ugh.

    On a somewhat related note, we had a rather somber meeting after school on Thursday where we leaned my district is laying off 31 people.  Now to those of you in the corporate world, 31 must seem like nothing.  In a small suburban school district, 31 is huge.  These types of lay-offs in schools are happening all over New York State- and I am sure all over in general.  I think I am okay, I have 4 English teachers below me on the seniority list.  However, there is a teacher on my team ( we teach on teams- one person per academic subject) who is pregnant.  As pregnant as I would be if the FET worked.  Yes, that was a fun announcement.  Anyway, she is due in August. She has the least amount of seniority in her academic area in the whole district.  She will most likely lose her job.  Now, she may have what I want, a pregnancy, but where do you even go when you are a teacher due in August?  How can you even go about looking for a job?   And, there are no jobs! From what I gather, not working is not an option and they already have a child at home.   It really gave me some perspective.  I am jealous as hell that she is pregnant, but I think sometimes I equate one's  ability to get pregnant with "wow, life is is easy for you."  Not true.  Everyone has it tough sometimes.  I think it is time to start counting my blessings because I do have many.

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Bluebird said...

So glad your meeting with your principal went well!