Sunday, October 25, 2009


Well, beta #2 was 355 yesterday. It should have been 362. I know that is a matter of a few points, but to me, it might as well be the difference of 1000 points. My progesterone also dropped.
I really, really hate this part. I know I should not be freaking out about this, but it is all such a mind scramble. In all reality, our numbers rose perfectly last time, and look what happened. So, I know that betas are not the end all and be all.
So, now I go in again tomorrow morning and then it will be another day of waiting with complete anguish to see what the numbers are.
God... where is the fast-forward button?


Merri said...

i know it's hard, but just try to relax. you were so incredibly close to doubling, that i think it's fine.

i'm sending lots of doubling beta dust for your beta tomorrow...and will be crossing fingers and toes too!

Nlvaden said...

Take a really long nap.

Nicole said...

Oh how I WISH I had that FF button! Do you get your blood draws at your clinic or at somewhere like the hospital or labcorp? I always call the place of draw (ie: hospital or labcorp) because they have the results much sooner than your RE's nurse will get them and find time to call you back. Your level was REALLY close. I know it sounds ridiculous to say, but try not to worry. It can't help. Oh tomorrow can't come soon enough! I really hope your #s cheer you up!!!

Alison said...

Hang in there! I know how you are feeling. There's nothing you can do to distract yourself either. GL tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you and hoping/praying for the best!! Alie05

Fran said...

Ho my dear, this is dreadful. The wait, the fear, the unknown...I'll be thinking of you and hoping with all my heart that the numbers tomorrow will have rocketed sky high. Much love, Fran