Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So, how shall I put this...

Ok, so I have an appointment with my principal tomorrow to discuss my annual project that I have to do. Since getting appointments with principals can sometimes be like getting in to see the Wizard, I figured I would roll the conversation right into my upcoming IVF.

So I am in need of some good segues...

How about:
1.  Yes, the new reading comprehension strategies we have been using have been quite successful.  Unfortunately the baby- making strategies MH and I are using are not.  I'll need some time off for IVF #2.

2.  Yes, the project is coming along nicely.  So, about my uterus.  

3.  Yes, some kids are still failing.  Apparently, my ovaries are too.

Do you have any to suggest?

Seriously, I am torn between horror in the fact that I have to even discuss this with him, and a sense of  can we PLEASE just get this incredibly AWKWARD conversation over with.
I really have no idea what I plan to say.
Any advice?


Bluebird said...

Oh that sucks! But crack me up at the ideas you've generated so far :)

I would probably just say something like you've been wanting an opportunity to let him know that you're going to be taking time off in the future/over the next several months, etc.

Do you have to even tell him about IVF? So awkward!

kim said...

These all cracked me up!

I am not sure what to say, but I am sure you will do just fine. Good luck! I hate the anticipation of that stuff.

stacey said...

Hope the convo goes well. It may be better than expected, being a boy and all that...you should use that to your advantage:-)