Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well, we are one day closer to our beta and I am so thankful that school seems to be NUTS lately.  I have NO time to think about anything IVF/BETA/will I ever get PG related.  

You see... this is the time of year where girls are no longer friends with their best friends and then are and then aren't and then are and then aren't and then are again. 

And.... boys show mutual friendship and camaraderie by wrestling and shutting each others' lockers ... sometimes with fingers, legs and the like, in the way.  

So playing counselor, referee and nurse can be quite distracting.
Sigh... in middle school... Spring is certainly  in the air. 

If they only knew the gigantic favor they are doing for me! :)


kim said...

OMG. I need to come work with you! I sit around all day and overanalyze EVERYTHING!

Thinking of you! You're so close!

MJ said...

OMG I know...don't you love it how your name options dwindle every year as well? Gotta LOVE middle school! Kind of looking forward to going back to work (for the kids ONLY).

Can't wait to hear about your BETA.

stacey said...

Ahhh...those were the days...friends, not, friends, not, lather, rinse, repeat:-)

Glad they are filling your time!