Sunday, January 11, 2009

Resolution Rockstar....

I am going to be a total AW here for a few minutes, which I suppose is okay since this is my blog.  
As we are rounding the corner on three years trying to conceive, many of my resolutions this year are pretty specific to this cause.  But, some changes are for the good of my mental health, which I sometimes wonder about since we are rounding the corner on three years TTC.

I have to admit, I am pretty proud of myself.

1.  Caffeine. Tomorrow will be one week caffeine-free.  In all seriousness, this was one of the hardest things to do- which is why I never gave it up completely for any of my other cycles.  I cut back, did half and half, but I never cut it out.  This is going to be my one big "something different" for my next IVF cycle. I sure hope it works, as the past week spent de-toxing was not pleasant for myself and those around me. 

2.  Better diet. For the most part, I have been good all week.  I am trying to limit my carbs and just be more healthy in general.  My real commitment here is to no more comfort eating.  If I am feeling sad, bitter, (insert any of the emotions that IF makes you feel here) I am hitting the gym.

3.  The gym. I only made it there 2 days this week.  BUT, I am not beating myself up over this.  The caffeine thing kicked my ass.... being on a treadmill with a lack of caffeine induced migraine was not going to help anything.  I went yesterday and today, so I am starting the coming week right.  

4.  Coming out of my cocoon.  This past year, I have not wanted to see, be around, or talk to anyone.  I have wrapped my misery around me like a comfy blanket and settled in to  stew and lament the fact that I ( no matter how hard both I and science try) am without child.  I think I have seen more of my friends in the past week and a half then I did in the past 5 months.  Pretty sad.  Really sad, actually.  Yesterday, R and I went to the movies and had a great lunch out.  These are the things I need to be doing on a whim since we don't have kids.  I need to remember that.

5.  Blogging.  I have been pretty faithful and this is really helpful.  I am not sure who is reading, but getting it out certainly helps. 

So, I am off to get some work done so I have time for #6, which is to read more!

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kim said...

Your resolutions sound just like mine. Great job on your progress! Caffeine was so hard to give up, but I am so glad I did.

I need to follow your lead on hitting the gym more, especially when feeling sad, bitter, etc.