Monday, January 12, 2009

Time heals all wounds; time wounds all heals

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my mom's death.  Two years ago tonight, around this time actually, my brothers and I were gathered around my mom's bed waiting for her to die.  Her last week on this earth was so very awful.  That is the part that I will never understand.  My mom was the best person I ever met; my best friend.  I will never get why she had to suffer so.  I don't let myself think of that night too often, it just hurts too much.  I am allowing myself tonight I suppose, then I will store that memory on the shelf until January 12th of next year.  Sometimes the sense of loss and the amount that  I miss her almost takes my breath away. 

But, since my mom was not a wallowing type of gal, I decided, in her honor, to skip the cemetery, skip lighting a candle at church and I did something else.  I got a massage. It was heavenly, so that must count for something.  I would imagine she approves. Now, If I cap the night off with a rum and coke, she will be doing the Irish Jig up there.  

There are some new developments on IVF #2, but that can wait.  Tonight's for you, Ma.  Slainte!


MJ said...

What a touching post. Your mom would be so proud of you and what a strong person you are with all you've been through lately.


I'll have a drink and cheers to your mom as well.

theworms said...

Smilee, that was a lovely post. I'm so sorry about your mom's passing. You are a testament to her greatness, your kind, caring, supportive, funny, intelligent and strong. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

She's up there making sure you get your miracle real soon.


Kristen said...

What a beautiful post. I know your mom is proud of you...just as you are of her. I hope you had a good day, despite the anniversary of such a sad one.